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Welcome to the blog of a Nova Scotian chemistry & history major with ADD. The stuff I post is what goes through my mind on a daily basis. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, & True Blood are my fandoms. I also have my occasional depression slips so I do apologize for any triggers.


rainbow road isn’t hard it’s you that is weak and natural selection has its sights locked 

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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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When you got a big dick and you wear basketball shorts with no underwear you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

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Destiny's Child

—Independent Women, Part II



Please don’t call me, baby, cause I’ll call you.

Don’t mean to hurt your feelings, got a lot to do.

FUN FACT: This was supposed to be the original ‘Independent Women’. Columbia thought its sound was too ‘hard’ and urban’ to be released as a single at the time. Part I, which was originally a remix, was later chosen as the lead single.

This beat always made me think of Rocky & Bullwinkle for some reason